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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Last blog

Today I have decided to stop blogging ..At least for awhile ,there has been several things that have happened to help me make that choice.

I have enjoyed my time in blogland.

And as I say will hope to return one day,but at the moment don't feel I can offer it the time and attention that it needs.

I will of course still be dipping in and out of everyone else's to keep an eye on you all!

Thanks for the laughs and the support see you all soon.
Hugs Paul.x

Friday, October 22, 2004


"One honest voice can be louder than a thousand liars"

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Work...like you don't need the money.

Love...like you've never been hurt.

Dance..like nobody's watching.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The joy of farting

Todays post is ghost-written by a erm, ghost.

I'm asleep. Deeply asleep (there is quite a lot of me that needs resting remember), so I thought it would be an idea to write a post in my dream. This post isn't really here, you see. I'm only dreaming it is and you must be part of that dream as you read it.


My 'lil man is off on a well deserved short break, what with all his family hassles, house buying etc; and I thought I would avail myself of the extra time to eat a few more cream cakes and keep myself looking just as fabulous as the day he met me.


I thought I might start writing my thesis today: The causes and effects of bloggers cramp and the effects it has on global capitalisation. But I can't think how to begin. Perhaps some of my readers will give me some helpful guidance. *parp* Or maybe one of them will prod me with a big electric cattle prod.

I'll think about it while I watch Trisha (its a good one, so I must still be asleep) *parp*

I really must stop drinking that cabbage water late at night.


Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sunday Bloody Sunday

I seem to be suffering with bloggers block,i cant think of nothing to write about.

Im bored and fed up.

Have got a girlfriend coming over this afternoon for a meal,and not really looking forward to seeing her,which makes me feel guilty as we have been friends for over 20 years,maybe once she gets here i will feel ok..

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I am being nagged to put a new post up by the pansy formally known as piggy..

So with very little to say here it is,all is quiet in my life at the moment,FLM has had the reports back on the flat he is buying and all looks OK..

I am waiting for a certain pansy-man to visit and take me shopping,so that I can buy the food to cook him dinner,and now I know he is not really a committed veggie anymore this will be much easier.

I am going home to mine tomorrow and will be there for over a week as the FLM is away (without me).

And i'm sure my brain wont be working overtime and accusing him of sleeping with the male population of Wales...Just maybe the sheep..

He really needs this break he has had a lot to deal with in the last few months..And no pansy I don't mean me..Well not just me..

Maybe more later ..If the pansy blows me out...Again...

Monday, October 11, 2004

hope this works..i cant bear to be shouted at..

The albums you should have listened to before you die
From Spellcaster, via billy, Rob and Bonnie.

...copy the list on to your blog, put in bold the ones you have listened to (completely from begining to end) and then add three more albums that you think people should have heard before they turn into their parents - remember, it isn't necessarily your most favourite albums but the ones you think people should listen to... and when we say listen we mean from track one through to the end...

If you put a link to your follow-on post in the comments of the site where you found it, the chain will be trackable. Maybe!

1) Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
2) London Calling - The Clash
3) Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
4) Think Tank - Blur
5) This is Hardcore - Pulp
6) Moon Safari - Air
7) Elastica - Elastica
8) Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols - Sex Pistols
9) OK Computer - Radiohead
10) The Kiss of Morning - Graham Coxon
11) Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars - David Bowie
12)< The Wall - Pink Floyd
13) Setting Sons - The Jam
14) America Beauty - The Grateful Dead
15) Toxicity - System of a Down
16) Train a Comin' - Steve Earle
17) Folksinger - Phranc
18) Come From the Shadows - Joan Baez
19) Bat out of Hell - Meatloaf
20) The River - Bruce Springsteen
21) The Very Best of Joan Armatrading - Joan Armatrading
22) Copperhead Road - Steve Earle
23) ABBA Gold - ABBA
24) Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots - The Flaming Lips
25) Out of the Blue - E.L.O
26)Jagged little pill- allanis morrisette
27)the visitors- Abba
28)Marshall Mathers LP (Advisory)Eminem



It is my turn to update you all on the exploits of the last weekend. I have to say that it was quite a couple of days...
Bungle and I had arranged to travel to the area known as Lakeside for some retail therapy with my Daughter (18) and youngest son (13) on Saturday after they had spent the night with us at Bungles abode overnight Friday.

Now there are a few problems with this in itself:-

1. Bungle was convinced they would think he lived in a poor house and never want to see him or his flat ever again.
2. I am still freaking out about my son's diabetes and worry about it constantly
3. Bungle and I had a hiccup in our relationship and this was our first time back together.
4. I detest Shopping in any shape or form.

So Friday night the Wrights set off for a far distant land called the Church of Horns. We arrived safely, Bungle bought me a lovely dressing gown and a card that made me cry...so that was nice.

We had a huge Chinese dinner and all retired ready for the excitement that was to become Saturday.

The next day we were to go to Lakeside and then up to Braintree to visit my eldest son for a short while.
Lakeside was a nightmare - mainly for me because of point 4 above.
Now as we all know Bungle LOVES shopping and he was a very excited Bear indeed. My Daughter had her sights set firmly on my credit card and all I did was ask if my Son was feeling ok once in every 7 minutes (not unreasonable I think?)

Bungle has a gift when it comes to shopping.....we entered the Disney shop looking for a present my daughter was to take to a Christening.

LOVELY DISNEY LADY:- Hello can I help you at all...is there anything you are looking for...?
US:- No thanks I think we are ok at the moment
LOVELY DISNEY LADY:- Well these small boxes on this toy open up to store things in.....
The Lovely Disney Lady (who actually looked like a Umpa Lumpa in the menopause) waddled off looking very sad.
My daughter was mortified......

Bungle has also bought an ingenious little attachment for his waving finger....the same finger that Sonny (Ian) reported on in a previous Blog...
When we have to wait for an assistant he bangs this lovely silver ring very loudly over and over on the glass top counter until the poor assistant HAS to take notice of him....its wonderful..everyone should have one.

Bungle was very keen to get on with my daughter....and for that I love him....he did everything he could besides modelling clothes for her..choosing this and that...insisting she tried it on etc. He loves shopping. Unfortunately after 3 hours I had had enough of bloody Jane Frigging Norman and got a bit ratty with them all insisting we left straight away before my head exploded.

We left heading for Braintree.......now here is another problem.
Never let kids map read when you have a deadline. We ended up nowhere near Braintree. Bungle was convinced of this early on in the journey and bless him he kept tight lipped throughout the journey only finally telling me he was convinced of this at the early stages of the trip....aint he cute !

We finally made it and had a nice meal with my eldest before he started work. It was very nice to have us all together...I get a bit emotional about my kids and that afternoon with us all together, Bungle, me and the 3 of them was lovely...we had a nice meal and a good laugh.
Made it all worthwhile in my book.

MEANWHILE IN HASTINGS !!!! (loud crashing of cymbals and screeching violins)

Sonny (Ian) had travelled south to meet a playmate from the cyber world he inhabits and things had not gone too well...Bungle received a message saying he might have to come and stay with us as he could not spend another day with the Hastings Creature.
On Saturday morning I phoned Sonny, giving him the opportunity to use the call as an 'emergency' he had to attend to....I told Sonny while he said oooohh and oooh no how dreadful etc that Mummy (Bungle) had choked on a marshmallow that had become stuck to his Uvula. He was in intensive care at the Trebor Hospital. Sonny was not amused. However he did travel North and got away from the Hastings Creature. Poor Sonny he has had a run of bad luck in the playmate area.
Sonny ran off that evening to his bestest club XXL leaving Mummy and Daddy to unwind a bit after a frantic day. We also told Sonny not to bring home anyone with a large head or had plywood teeth....that cut down Sonnies choices at XXL by over 50 percent but its for his own good.

Sunday was a nice day with Mummy and Sonny having fun while I visited my mother to make sure she was still breathing.
As usual it came time for Sonny to wend his way northward to that land that has no Pot Noodles nor adequate sanitation.
It is always sad when Sonny goes home...usually because I have to clean the cooker.


Well I have had the weekend off from blogland as I needed to sort my head and heart out...
And seeing Mr pansies blog today helped put it all in place for me.

I have the tendency to read more into situations and make something out of nothing..(not in a good way)
and i'm afraid I did this last week,but thankfully the FLM understood this and got us through it.

If i'm honest I have never understood people who need a partner to feel whole themselves,and now I know why,its because I have never been in love before,and for better or worse I do think that we are different in ourselves if we feel and share love,I think that before I always felt that maybe to be in love meant losing something of yourself and almost a sign of weakness..

I know now that I was wrong,it takes real strength to be in love and to let yourself just enjoy the feelings it brings.

On thursday I had a real physical pain in me when I thought that it might be all over,as I knew then that I loved the FLM so much it actually hurt.

And for once I didn't run away or try and push him away.

Infact I wanted him to just hold me and tell me it would all be OK.

OK you can all be sick now..

But I think as perhaps Ms Pansy has found out that if it really is love then you have to see past the dark days and see what is really happening and run with it.
And take and give as much pleasure you can from it while its there.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

No new blog

Hello all ..Just to say that due to unforeseen circumstances there will be no blog til monday..
Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Filling my life..

I have come to the conclusion that I need to find something to occupy my days,to give my paranoia less time to manifest itself...

I know why i'm the way I am,and I want to change it.
And have thought about doing some charity work,but don't really feel that I want to join the blue rinse brigade in a charity shop...

So if anyone has any SENSIBLE ideas then please leave a comment...

Today I met an old friend for lunch which was really nice,we were able to catch up and gossip etc..

My getting a large bunch of flowers delivered yesterday has for some reason caused quite a stir for my elderly neighbours who wanted to now who and why was I getting them,its not my birthday etc....
They miss nothing..lol.

So I kept them guessing..

Monday, October 04, 2004


I have had a lovely day,first thing this morning i was contacted my MI5 to see if i wanted to become a secret agent...
After a great deal of thought i declined,it would mean missing "touched by an angel" every morning.

So then went out and and cleared my tubs and pots of all the now dead summer plants, whilst doing this Alan Titchmarsh wandered by and asked if i would like to co-present his new show,i gave it some thought and declined as it would have meant missing "Quantum leap"every afternoon.

After all the excitement i thought a nice cup of tea was called for with a weight watcher mince pie
and low and behold as im brewing,theres a knock at the door,and there stands Nigella Lawson,nearly crying asking me to work with her on her new cook book as she had heard of the wonderful stew i had made last week,again with much thought i had to decline as it would have meant missing "Charmed".every evening.

In-between all this had a visit from stockycubz with a small gift from his travels.

And to end the day i have now got installed the new msn7 that doesnt get released for some months..

And have had a lovely chat with the FLM who for some reason manages to still love me even when im in hyper paranoid mode and thinking all sorts..none of which is based on any fact,why oh why cant i just accept what he says and be normal...dont all rush to answer that...

Sunday, October 03, 2004

At home with bungle

Good evening one and all..

I have had a lovely weekend I have spent the last two days chatting to friends and neighbours that I don't see much of now,so had lots of gossip etc...... To catch up on..

And today have spent the day with friends for dinner ,so nothing too riveting to say as its been a normal uneventful day.

Its now 22.00 and i'm about to have a nice hot bath and watch crap TV..

I promise that i will try and put up something of interest up on monday...If I cant I will make something up..