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Saturday, January 08, 2005


I am beginning to feel that i'm a very selfish person...

I have been seeing the FLM for 6 months now...
And all is lovely...Except the fact that I feel we have very little quality time together,since he came out 3 months ago we have spent a lot of time with his children and that has been good,they have all been very at ease(on the surface) of our relationship.

But along with that means that we see a lot more of them,which also means that we get less time to do other things as a couple,and as this is all new to me i'm finding it sometimes difficult to not make a fuss and upset the apple cart.As most gay men don't have children we are by nature unused to thinking of others apart from partners etc.,and so meeting a man that puts his children above everyone is in someways very refreshing,but at others very hard.

But then last night FLM told me that Joe the youngest wanted to see the film White Noise with his dad..That would be fine except that we had already made plans to see it..FLM trying to please everyone has said that we will still go and see it,but that's where the crunch comes..I don't want to see it with him once he has already seen it..
Its a horror film and so the element of suspense etc will be lost on him and so take away some of the pleasure for me, I know I sound unreasonable but that's how I feel...And yes OK i'm very selfish..